May 21

Lake Tulloch Real Estate – Survey Reveals Differences In Genders During The Home Buying Process

 lake tulloch real estateAre men and women really that different when buying Lake Tulloch real estate or in any other area? Find out what was learned and how it can help you the next time you go to make a purchase.


Survey Suggest That Men and Women are different as well as have interesting similarities in the Lake Tulloch real estate home buying process

A survey of 1000 people reveals some very interesting results about the differences between men and women during the process of buying a home. If you are in the market for Lake Tulloch real estate, you might be surprised at what other people across the country think about home buying decisions between the genders.


International Communications Research conducted a survey and ask questions like, “What length of time did it take to really know when the current home your living in was the right purchase for you?” Also, if you ended up finding your dream home, “Would you be interested, even if it had security concerns?”


Another topic that was also surveyed included was who is the pant wearer in the relationship?


The results of the survey ended up being somewhat surprising. There were definitely differences between men and women, but also a number of areas they were pretty much the same.


For example, both women and men are very concerned about finding a home that has a space for work. This is something that you would probably never have same 20 years ago. In addition, they also found that a great home with security issues in the area and home itself, killed the deal for both men and women.


When women are looking for Lake Tulloch real estate, here are some results that are unique to females:


Women tend to make a decision quicker than men – When the question was asked what length of time passed before knowing their house was the right place for them, nearly 70% of females had already made their minds up the very same day they walked into the house. This is in comparison to 62% of men.


On the other hand, many more men had to make at least two or more visits before coming to a decision.


Women find it more important to live closer to their family as compared to their job – Over half or 55% of the women surveyed had this feeling as compared to only 37% of the Males.


When looking for Lake Tulloch real estate, who really wears the pants in the family when it comes to making any major financial decision?


The consensus on this question was that 70% of those in the survey said that the decisions were equally mutual. However, the other 30% on both sides thought that they were the one who makes all the decisions.


This is kind of a fun, but informative survey to better understand men and women during the Lake Tulloch real estate buying process. It is good to know just so you can better understand your partner and so you can have an easier time buying your next home.